Products - Akira Sport Series

This product is formed by adding a kind of special fibre grid fabric to PVC wear layer and is the advantage of more convinient movement. It is ametabolic in the force of either being pulled or rolled, and of uniform distribution of supporting force, adding fiberglass grid fabric to the under foam layer is to reduce expansion when heated and shrinkage when cooled, to fulfill the function of more steady capability, to extend the service life, so that the athletes can play better level.


When you lay the PVC floors on cement ground, the foundation must be maintained for more than 15 days and dry out. The cement ground cannot be roughness, and level degree is 4m ruler+less than 3mm. If the foundation is not level, you should polish it with special floor grinder and make it level. then you could go on for next step.



Dark Red




Standard Length (m) EN 426 m 30
Width EN 426 m 1.8
Thickness EN 428 mm 4.5 / 6.5 / 8.0
Hardness 70~90   73
Rebound ≥ 6 % 8
Tensile Strength ≥2 Mpa 2.2
Elongation Ratio ≥120 % 170
Abrasion Resistance 0.45~0.65 g 0.55

Enviromental Test

Chloroethylene monomer ≤ 5 mg / kg -
Soluble Lead ≤ 20 mg / m2 3.3
Water-Soluble Cadmium ≤ 20   0.096
Volatile Matter ≤ 75 g / m2 12
Flammability GB 8624   B1 - C1
Critical Radiant Flux ≥ 0.45 W / cm2 0.76