Products - Duratile XL Marbling Floor Tile

With a reputation for being both pratical and economical. Duratile XL marbling floor tile offers a spectural of commercial floors to meet the durability requirements of institutional and commercial application. Available in a wide range of colours or designs, they provide the spark for creative interior environments.


Once the floor is installed, wipe throughly with a damp mop and apply a layer of seal to protect the surface. Daily maintanance is by damp mopping whilst regular cleaning or maintenance schedule should be establish based on your specific traffic.

Recommended Application

School, Health Care, Public Buildings, Industries, Restaurants, Supermarkets, Retail Outlets and Offices.

Peach Mist 333

Off White 360

Paradise Green 388

Seaform 301

Mulberry 300

Silver Grey 368

Ridge Grey 354

Nocturne Blue 386

Evergreen 336

Crocus Yellow 318

Roseberry 302

Sable 338


Size 304.8mm x 304.8mm (Asbestos Free)
Thickness 2.0mm
Packing 50 pieces / carton
Weight 18.8kg / carton
Specification Manufacture in accordance with Japanese Industrial Standard (JLS 5705 A OF 1990)
Resistance to Cooking Oil, Gasoline, Kerosene, Cottonseed Oil, Sodium Hydroxide 2%, Cement Paste