Products - Unique Commercial Flooring

Product Feature

  • Superior wear resistance, tolerance
    UNIQUE commercial floor is with superior abrasion resistance, stain resistance, which is suitable for hospitals, schools, office building, shopping mails, supermarkets, transport and other places.
  • Environment friendly
    Use 100% virgin material.
  • Warranty
    Warranty period is 8 years under the premise of normal installation and maintenance.

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U 706


Items Test Method Result
Total Thickness EN428 1.8mm
Wear Layer Thickness EN429 0.20mm
Total Weight EN430 2500G/m2
Roll Width EN426 2m
Roll Length EN426 20m
Abrasion Group EN660 Group P
Fire-Proof Performance GB8624-2006 Cf1-S1,T1
Pressure Pesistance Performance EN433 0.13
Colour Fastness EN ISO 105-802 ≥6
Anti-Chemical Performance EN423 Fine
DImension Stability EN434 ≤0.12%
Anti-slip Performance DIN51130 R9
Roller Wear EN425 ≥80000
Sound Absorption Performance EN ISO717-2 16db
Antistatic Performance EN1081 ≤10
Anti-iodine Performance ASTM F925 Great
Limit of Harmful Substance GB18586-2001 Qualified